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LED Light Fixtures for Warehouses & Shop

Introduction – Do you need a light fixture for your shops, warehouses, or big hall? You are at the right place. Light fixtures Houston provides you all sorts of LED light fixtures for your shops, houses, warehouses, etc. The light fixtures Houston sells the longest lasting and most efficient commercial LED lights in the world.
Light Fixtures – It is part of a light that is attached to the wall or ceiling where you put the light bulb or another lighting element that makes it tough to remove.

LED Light Fixtures for Warehouses

Warehouses LED Lights – You may improve the lighting in the warehouse with the help of warehouse LED lights.
Popular Warehouse LED Fixtures – Here, the available warehouse LED fixtures are EXSA Bay and Bayline.

EXSA Bay – It is an economical high bay solution for warehouse LED lighting mounted via adjustable cable hangers. It is perfect for new installs or replacing existing fluorescent.

Bayline – With multiple beam angle options, it is useful and the best option for lighting up the narrow aisles as well as the wide-open areas, making it perfect for warehouse lighting projects.

Why Is It Important to Have it? – It is very is essential to have high quality LED warehouse lighting for providing safety and security to your customers and employees.

Warehouse LED Light Fixtures Houston – It is one of the efficient LED lightning for warehouses as it consumes less power. It is slowly beginning to become the norm when it comes to lighting up a warehouse. It is the most accessible light that can be found in the light fixtures Houston.
LED Warehouse Fixtures – The two warehouse led light fixtures are DG2 & DG4. DG4 – This light fixture Houston is an ideal fit for warehouse LED lighting when the ceiling is under 20 feet. It has an efficacy rating of 133 – 143. DG2 – It comes in low voltage (120 – 277V) and high voltage (347 – 480V) and used for indoor uses only.

LED Light Fixtures for Shops

High Bay LED Lights – It is an authoritative light source that can provide light for a large area, so-called high bay led shop lights.
Where are they used? – They are an excellent choice for any location with high ceilings, like warehouses, workshops, factories, assembly lines, supermarkets, barns, gyms, storage facilities, large conference halls, event centers, recreational facilities, and other places that have high ceilings.

Main Characteristics of High Bay LED Shop Lights – The Bayline is a one by four High bay LED light fixture with an input power ranging from 101 to 240 watt with an efficacy rating of 143 – 150 lumens per watt. It is a dry rated fixture, so it is for indoor uses only. It can come in either low or high voltage (120 – 277V and 347 – 480V).

Choose Best LED Lighting For Your Need – You may choose the best high bay led shop lights as per your needs. While selecting the best, you may consider some factors which will help you to determine LED light.


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